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Call Goin’ Postal, your source for mail, FedEx and UPS service as well as stamps and packaging supplies in Cleveland and Benton, TN located in Bradley and Hamilton County. Goin’ Postal specializes in printing, faxing, scanning, packaging, emailing and freight service. As an International and Authorized US Shipper, we proudly serve residents in and around Cleveland, Ooltewah, Dayton, Calhoun, Old Fort and Charleston, TN interested in International shipping, packaging, color copies, faxing, scanning and mail service. Our products and services are perfect for anyone in Cleveland, Chattanooga, Blue Springs, Ooltewah, Dayton, Calhoun, Old Fort and Charleston. Call or visit Goin’ Postal today!

Packing Your Valuables Correctly For Shipping

Packing your valuables for moving may appear to be an easy task yet there is a right way and a wrong one of packing to move them successfully. If a box is correctly packed all the items in it will be protected ensuring no damage or breakage while on transit.

The bottom of the box used to pack your valuables should be reinforced with a cello tape. This is important if the material of the box is fragile and if it has been used before. This is to ensure that no items in the box can fall through the bottom while on transit.

You should pack heavy items at the bottom while lighter ones should be packed at the top. This is to prevent the heavy ones from breaking, crushing or causing any damage to the light ones. It will also add stability to the package to avoid falling off.

All empty spaces in the package should be filled with fabric such as dishtowels or clothing. Alternatively, a butcher paper or bubble wrap can be used for support. This will prevent your valuables from shifting while they are being moved.

Avoid using packs that do not seal at the top or leave items protruding out of it. This causes them to fall and get spoiled or cause damage to other items. The pack should also not contain very heavy items as it will be heavy to lift it or cause tear during movement.

Smaller items such as jewellery should not be clammed into one package. They should be packed in smaller boxes in an organized manner.

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